CompactWood® Custom Options

Colors & Stains

Custom color and matching is available to order. We can custom color or stain the veneer prior to encapsulation to match your requirements. There is a minimum order quantity of 800 square feet for this service.

Wood is a natural product and will vary in color and grain from flitch to flitch. During the manufacturing process, the addition of the melamine overlay may enhance the color or luster of the natural wood substrate. This subtle variation in color and texture is normal for all wood products and should be expected on all product orders. Because CompactWood® is batch produced by flitch and the veneer sheets are sequenced, the consistency of color from sheet to sheet is the best available in the industry.

Post manufacture there is a possiblity of color maturation whereby the exposure to extremes in light conditions may cause small but noticable changes in the color temperature. Again, this is a phenomenum that occurs with natural materials and although most often this is slight and sometimes unnoticeable, it is never the less an inherrent quality of wood.

Custom coloring helps to significantly reduce the appearance of color maturation.

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