Redwood Burl

SanFoot Redwood Burl

Specie Details

Common Names

Redwood, Sequoia, Coast Redwood, California Redwood

Scientific Name

Sequoia sempervirens


Redwood has closed pores and a medium texture. The grain is typically straight, but may occasionally be wavy or irregular. Figure such as curly grain and/or burl clusters are occasionally seen.


Heartwood color can range from a light pinkish brown to a deep reddish brown. Sapwood is a pale white/yellow

Notes of Interest

Capable of attaining heights of nearly 400 feet, Redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) is the world’s tallest tree species. It grows in a very limited area on the Pacific coast of northwestern United States, where heavy rainfall and cool, damp air create a unique environment for these trees. A related species, (Sequoiadendron giganteum), sometimes known as Giant Sequoia or Wellingtonia, produces similar lumber.

Specie Data

  • Distribution:Coastal northwestern United States (from southwestern Oregon to central California)
  • Tree Size:200-300 ft (60-90 m) tall, 6-12 ft (1.8-3.7 m) trunk diameter
  • Janka Hardness:450 lbf (2,000 N)
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