Bubinga, RealTec, QC

SanFoot Bubinga RealTec QC

Specie Details

Common Names

Bubinga, Kevazingo

Scientific Name

Guibourtia spp. (G. demeusei, G. pellegriniana, G. tessmannii, etc.)


Grain is straight to interlocked. Has a uniform fine to medium texture and moderate natural luster.


Heartwood ranges from a pinkish red to a darker reddish brown with darker purple or black streaks. Sapwood is a pale straw color and is clearly demarcated from the heartwood. Bubinga is very frequently seen with a variety of figure, including: pommele, flamed, waterfall, quilted, mottled, etc.

Notes of Interest

An immensely popular imported African hardwood, Bubinga may be loved as much for its quirky name as it is for its strength and beauty. Also sometimes called Kevazingo, usually in reference to its decorative rotary-cut veneer.

Bubinga has a close resemblance to rosewood, and is often use in place of more expensive woods. Yet Bubinga also features a host of stunning grain figures, such as flamed, pommele, and waterfall, which make this wood truly unique. Bubinga also has an exceptional strength-to-weight ratio.

Specie Data

  • Distribution:Equatorial Africa
  • Tree Size:130-150 ft (40-45 m) tall, 3-6 ft (1-2 m) trunk diameter
  • Average Dried Weight:56 lbs/ft3 (890 kg/m3)
  • Specific Gravity (Basic, 12% MC):.72, .89
  • Janka Hardness:2,410 lbf (10,720 N)
  • Modulus of Rupture:24,410 lbf/in2 (168.3 MPa)
  • Elastic Modulus:2,670,000 lbf/in2 (18.41 GPa)
  • Crushing Strength:10,990 lbf/in2 (75.8 MPa)
  • Shrinkage:
  • Radial: 6.0%, Tangential: 8.2%, Volumetric: 13.9%, T/R Ratio: 1.4
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