Natural Beauty of Real Wood, Durability of Exterior Phenolic

CompactWood® is real, natural wood encapsulated within an exterior grade melamine coated phenolic sheet. The beautiful lustre and texture of natural wood is combined with tough and durable melamine overlayer and phenolic backer to provide the most durable natural wood solution ever created.

It is class 'A' Fire Rated self supporting sheet that is incredibly durable. Resistant to high impact, harsh chemicals, moisture and humidity to a degree never before acheived, CompactWood® can even withstand 48 hours in boiling water without delaminating.

Because it is self supporting, it can be used in double sided application for use as cabinet or compartment doors, shelves and furniture components. With special attention, it can be curved, bent or formed into virtually any shape.

CompactWood® is perfect for use in virtually any vertical or horizontal application; Architectural Wall Panels, Facades, Column Casings, Restrooms Compartments, Table Tops, Furniture Components etc.

CompactWood® can be easily fabricated using traditional woodworking tools.

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