Installing SanFoot Products

Using the Correct Adhesives & Primers


Prime all surfaces (including oil-based primers and latex or oil based stain-kill coatings) with specified primers listed below. Prime all surfaces according to manufacturers directions. For best results, apply primer with a roller and let cure at least 2 days before installing SanFoot. Consult your SanFoot Distributor or contact Jacaranda Inc. for the SanFoot distributor in your area BEFORE proceeding with any unusual conditions.

The use of the primer will prevent the adhesive from being excessively absorbed into the drywall and stop dry pockets. It wall also promote strippability to the SanFoot. Moisture content in the wall substrate should be in a range of 7% to 9% or less. Check with a moisture meter if necessary.

If a situation is encountered where the walls where previously painted or primed, the surface should be lightly sanded to break the seal prior to applying an approved primer. One test strip of SanFoot should be hung to assure a strong bond between the existing paint/primer and the primer before proceeding with the installation. Any failure caused by the existing painted/primed surface is the responsibility of the installing contractor and not Jacaranda Inc.

Do NOT use alkyd/oil based primers with SanFoot.


Use one of the approved adhesives. Before installation prepare wall surface as specified and use ONLY specified adhesive(s).

APPLY ADHESIVE AT FULL STRENGTH – whip or stir to thin to desired consistency. DO NOT DILUTE ADHESIVE WITH WATER!! Apply a uniform layer of adhesive to the back of the SanFoot sheets with standard 3/8” to 3/4” nap paint roller, making sure there are no uncoated areas and book the sheets for 10 to 15 minutes before hanging. Allow the proper time for adhesive to tack after it has been applied to the back of the SanFoot sheets. This is important to help prevent bubbling after installation. Depending on the condition of the primed substrate, the installer may choose to size the wall surface with a thin coat of the specified adhesive and allow it to tack prior to hanging. It is suggested that the installer test an area first to determine if an adhesive size is needed.

Jacaranda Inc. does NOT recommend the use of clear or clear strippable adhesives

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