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What SanFoot Sheet Sizes are Available?
SanFoot comes in sheets that are rolled up into a shipping carton. Standard sheet size is 3'x 9', and available sheet sizes are 3'X 8', 3'x10', 3' x 12', 4'x8' and 4' x 10'. Other sheet sizes are available on request.
What TransTec Sheet Sizes are Available?

TransTec is available in a variety of backers. The sheet sizes differe depending on the backer selected.

HD90 BackerThe most common backer is HD-90, and the standard sheet size is 3'x 9', with other available sheet sizes are 3'X 8', 3'x10', 3' x 12', 4'x8' and 4' x 10'. Custom sheet sizes are available on request.

AcrylicThe hardiest backer is Acrylic, available on 2'x 6' shets only and ideal for lighting applications

What Adhesives Should I Use?

Take the time to study the Installation Instructions. Different surfaces and conditions require different adhesives, primers and processes.

Can you Stain the SanFoot to Match a Control Sample?

Yes. We have made many hundreds of custom stains. The chances are we have already made something that will work for your project. If not, we can create a custom stike off sample for you in a matter of days.

Can I Specify the Sheen level I Want?

SanFoot is prefinished with a sealer and urethane and can be selected in one of three sheen levels.

SanFoot can also be suppled in its "raw" state, without a finish or stain. This product is called SanPly 4, and is useful in millworking particularly where flexibility is required, amnd the strength of SanFoot is a must.

How do I Handle Heights in Excess of the Available Sheets Size?

SanFoot sheets can be specified as end matched producing beautifully matched end to end seaming for a limitless ceiling heights and end to end runs.

Ofcourse, you can always use reveals to break up the height too

Can I Bond SanFoot to Doors?

Yes. SanFoot is an ideal choice to bond to new and existing doors. The advantage of SanFoot prefinished veneers is that they can be applied to new doors in the factory using traditional hot and cold press methods and can also be used in the field to cover existing interior wood or metal doors.

SanFoot can also be supplied as a "door skin", (SanFootDS) which is prefinished SanFoot backed with MDF to provide a nominal 1/8" overall prefinished skin for door manufacturers of 5 and 7 ply wood doors.

I can't See the Species I want, Can You Still Provide It?

Many of our clients come to us with species that are "out of the ordinary" and ask us to source or recommend solutions. Invariabley we are able to provide the species they want or one that closely resembles it. Send us your sample or image and we'll do all we can to provide it to you in SanFoot!

How do I fix TransTec to Plexiglass?

TransTec can easily be bonded to acrylic, glass or plexiglass using clear contact adhesive. If you prefer we can connect you with a TransTec fabricator that can deliver finished componets for you.

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